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The Glass Prism rose to rock 'n roll fame in the 1960s using the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe as the lyrics to its groovin' progressive rock tunes, but the group's journey to stardom was quickly snuffed out like so many bands of the time. Now the guys are back and ready to rock again!
Produced by SailleVision and Post Sputnik
Run Time - 56 minutes

Monday, October 26, 2009

Allentown Screening 10-24-09

Hi everyone.

We just wanted to thank all the people that showed up at the Allentown BrewWorks this past Saturday. There were about 50 people there to see the film. What a great turnout! The viewing was in the downstairs martini bar called the Silk Lounge. Two screens were set up so that nobody would have a bad seat.

Special thanks to Diane and the rest of the BrewWorks crew for making this event possible.

Please check out the pictures below to see some of the crowd.

Film Editor Matt Lewis & Diane from BrewWorks

Local musician Dave with Producer Bob Ross and artist Zehra

Artist Vicki DaSilva & husband Antonio

Filmmakers Sarah Fulton, Bob Ross & Matt Lewis

Peter & Joseph with a front row seat

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