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The Glass Prism rose to rock 'n roll fame in the 1960s using the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe as the lyrics to its groovin' progressive rock tunes, but the group's journey to stardom was quickly snuffed out like so many bands of the time. Now the guys are back and ready to rock again!
Produced by SailleVision and Post Sputnik
Run Time - 56 minutes

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scranton Screening - The Aftermath

We had an excellent screening on May 2 at the Mellow Theater at Lackawanna College. The venue was gorgeous! I was told about 500 people bought tickets to the dual show, which included the presentation of the documentary (On Joy & Sorrow - The Glass Prism Story) and rockin' concert that followed by the Glass Prism (Tom Varano, Augie Christiano, Rick Richards and Lou Cossa).

Here are some photos from the big day:

Shadoe Steele from 98.5KRZ as the Master of Ceremonies

Mike Soltis sells t-shirts

Bob & Susan Ross with DVDs of the 2008 concert

The beautiful facade of the Mellow Theater

Producer Bob Ross, his wife Susan, myself (Sarah Fulton) and my husband Matt Lewis were in attendance. We were all very proud and excited to finally share this story with the passionate fans from the Scranton area. It was fantastic to hear the audience applaud at different parts of the film - such as after the Raven "music video" in the middle of the film. I also enjoyed hearing the fans singing along to that part of the movie. I think members of the audience liked seeing themselves and the old photos of the region and the band members.
I'm glad we finally had this generous opportunity to share the film with all of you in an appropriate theater and be part of a huge evening surrounded by those reliving their memories of the Glass Prism while enjoying their groovy music today.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Finally, a screening in SCRANTON!!!

The documentary has been completed for a year and all the key components have finally come together for a live screening in Scranton!

Please join us for a SPECIAL EVENING of film and a LIVE one-hour performance by The Glass Prism followed by a meet-and-greet on Sunday, May 2 at the Mellow Center in Scranton, PA. The documentary goes on first at 7 p.m., followed by Tom, Rick, Augie & Lou rockin' out at 8 p.m.

Get your tickets NOW! Tickets are $25.50 a piece and are on sale at www.etix.com or at Joe Nardone's Gallery of Sound at Fashion Mall in Dickson City or 186 Mundy Street, Wilkes-Barre. For more info call: 570-829-3603.

Concert DVDs of The Glass Prism's 2008 reunion concert will be on sale at The Mellow Center show. All three filmmakers (Bob, Matt & Sarah) will be present and look forward to meeting you.
Hope to see you there!